Wine Director Krystal Kleeman’s 5 Wine Picks

Wine Director Krystal Kleeman’s 5 Wine Picks

At Bon Temps, we emphasize sustainably focused, small production wines that are expressive and thoughtfully produced that intend to strike a compelling balance between classic expressions of varietals and unexpected contemporary wines.

Below our Wine Director Krystal Kleeman shares the wines she is most excited about right now:

2012 Cédric Moussé Brut ‘Terre D’Illite’ Champagne
I have an undying love for Champagne. This is my favorite Champagne that Cédric Moussé makes. Cédric really knows how to utilize the Pinot Meunier varietal. It is all from the 2012 vintage and Terre D’Illite is named after the green clay terroir. In times of dry weather, Illite is the only type of soil that retains its moisture. Geeky side apart, this wine shows such elegance with just enough edge to have optimal balance.

2016 Barbara Öhlzelt, Heiligenstein Riesling (Kamptal, Austria)
I appreciate when winemakers don’t follow trends, and instead do what they feel is right for their vines and what they want to see as the end results of their winemaking. A lot of wines from the Kamptal region tend to have more flesh, are bigger and rounder than Barbara’s precise, angular and lifted Gruner and Rieslings. I could drink this Riesling all day, everyday.

2016 Patrick Baudouin Savennières (Loire Valley, France)
Chenin Blanc is my favorite varietal and this wine really defines the Savennières region for me. In fact, it is the best Chenin that I have had from this specific region.

2017 Domaine Vacheron Rosé (Loire Valley, France)
Behind Domaine Vacheron are two cousins, Jean-Laurent and Jean- Dominique. They focus on single vineyard, Sancerre (100% Sauvignon Blanc). They also make this rosé which is 100% Pinot Noir. It is complex but also drinks like you’re taking a big bite into a Fuji apple. I love crushable wines and “don’t have to think about it” rosés but there is also time to enjoy more serious rosé too.

2017 Pierre Cotton Côte de Brouilly (Beaujolais, France)
Pierre is a youngster who comes from a winemaking family. He left to work on motorcycles for a couple of years, before rejoining his father to make some groundbreaking Beaujolais. This bottle is lean and bright and the kind of red wine I find myself reaching for right now.