BlueCut x Bon Temps

BlueCut x Bon Temps

Arts District neighbors and friends of Bon Temps, we got to know Chachi Prasad and Karam Kim of BlueCut. Neighborhood legends with a roster of wonderful restaurant collaborations and beyond, we are honored to have had a chance to work with the duo for two of the quintessential pieces of the Bon uniform — our apron and workwear jacket!

Why did you decide to start BlueCut?

We started BlueCut after having our own premium denim line, Bishop of Seventh. We were approached by many chefs to create aprons and workwear items for them on a custom basis. Our focus now has been creating pieces that chefs and others can appreciate from the kitchen to the streets. 

How long have you been working in the Arts District? 

We moved here in 2006 because it reminded us of a small section of NYC, and we’ve worked and lived in the area ever since.

You work so close to Bon Temps, what are your favorite spots to visit in the neighborhood?

The neighborhood has been transformed​ by pioneers like Bestia and Church & State and OG’s like Pizzanista! Now that Lincoln has introduced Bon Temps, we’re there every morning for Lincoln’s pastries and a cup of coffee. It’s become religious. We love that Lincoln and his team present extraordinary flavors that excite your palette.

What was the inspiration behind your design for the Bon Temps bartender jacket? 

The inspiration was derived from the French Workwear Jacket, which was designed towards the mid- to late 19th century. It provided an understated, yet stylish, smart yet relaxed look. It was workwear designed to take on daily use, as most of them were made in heavy-duty duck canvas or moleskin. Over time, the fabric would settle and give the wearer a softer hand. We bypassed this option for Bon Temps by making the jacket in lightweight Italian canvas, which is already soft – it is BlueCut’s version, which we call the Task Jacket. It was our way of paying homage to the utilitarian classic, which has evolved into a versatile wardrobe staple.

What materials did you use for the jacket and how did you choose the color? 

We chose Italian canvas because it was perfect for the jacket and uses the same material as the aprons we created for Bon. The fabric is the right weight and it has perfect mobility. It allows the bartenders to move freely and stay cool while working. We added piping on the inside of the jacket to give it a cleaner finish and added a distinguished accent of one red keyhole at the first button of the jacket.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

Karam’s favorite part is when she gets to see the first sample sewn together after she sketches the idea and picks the materials. After being inspired by the client and what they are conceptualizing, my favorite part is envisioning products and materials that the user will interact with and love.

How did it feel when you saw the bartenders wearing the jacket for the first time?  

You never know how things will look on someone until you see it in person and you never know how the wearer will feel in the garment until you hear it from their lips.  When Mike Lay, one of Bon Temps’ bartenders, told me that he could never find a good jacket that fit him properly and felt like this was custom made for him, we knew that we did the right thing.  

Photo by Chris Fortuna

What’s your favorite cocktail to order at the bar at Bon Temps?  

Bon Temps makes a Strawberry & Rhubarb Spritz, which is perfect for the summertime or when you are in the mood for something lighter. It is a combination of Aperol, fresh strawberries, rhubarb, tonic, and sparkling wine. My partner Karam loves the Du Pardis, which is a perfect combo of gin, Lillet, lemon, pineapple, and absinthe.

In the spirit of Bon Temps, what is your idea of a “good time”?

Good company and conversations about things that matter in the proper environment that enhances what we are experiencing. Dining at Bon Temps allows us to dine with our friends and have memorable experiences and it also provides pleasure for both our sight and taste. A beautifully plated dish that hits your pallette in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression — well, that is definitely a good time.